The Magic Makeup Brush Cleaner

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Clean all your makeup brushes in seconds!

Tired of spending more minutes than you can count hunched over a sink cleaning all of your makeup brushes?  Only to be left with nasty hands and blotchy makeup water all over the counter?

The Magic Makeup Brush Cleaner has you covered!  This incredible tool cleans and dries your makeup brushes in seconds.  Its specially designed bowl keeps the mess to a minimum and ensures quick and easy cleanup. 

  • Saves you time—cleans your brushes in seconds
  • Adapters fit almost every size makeup brush
  • Special cleaning bowl for no mess and quick, easy cleanup
  • Spin dries your brush instantly
  • Cut down on water waste

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Spinner Brush Cleaning Tool
  • 1 x Brush Spinner Bowl
  • 1 x Spinner Tool and Silicone Collar Stand
  • 8 x Silicone Brush Collars



  • Save Time - The Magic Makeup Brush Cleaner will rapidly spin your makeup brush in water and/or soap to quickly clean it from makeup and dirt.  What once took you minutes or even hours will now only take you a few seconds.  
  • Universal Brush Fit - 8 brush adapters ensure the perfect fit for nearly any size makeup brush.  Simply find the correct size collar for your brush, slip the collar on and connect it to the cleaning tool.
  • Dries Brushes in Seconds - Tired of having to wait on your brushes to dry?  Having to wait forever until they're ready to use?  The Magic Makeup Brush Cleaner will spin your brush and eject any water, leaving you with a dry, ready to use brush in a matter of seconds.
  • Reduced Mess - Worried about water everywhere?  The Magic Makeup Brush Cleaner has a specially designed bowl that traps water from your brush to keep your area clean.  The detachable lid makes disposal of waste water simple.
  • Cut Down on Water Waste - You'll no longer need to hold your brushes under running water.  This significantly cuts down on water waste.  You'll only need a small amount of water to get your brushes feeling clean and new.
  • Your Hands Stay Clean - The Magic Makeup Brush Cleaner does all the work for you!  No hand scrubbing means that you can stay clear of dirty, nasty water. 

    4 Easy Steps:

    1. Attach your brush to the correct size collar.
    2. Attach the collar and brush to the spinning tool.
    3. Turn on the spinning tool and dip/dunk your brush into the water and/or soap for 5-10 seconds. 
    4. With the brush remaining in the bowl, lift the brush out of the water and allow it to spin and dry.

    *Requires 2 AAA Batteries (not included)


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